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Flower Bar | Coffee Lab

Stemistry a luxury flower bar and coffee lab located in North Scottsdale. Upon entering one will feel emerged in the unique environment and greeted with florists and gourmet baristas. Stemistry features a build your own bouquet bar where one can choose flowers by the stem and assemble their own bouquet.

The Sanitation Stations were the first PPE vending machines introduced to Arizona in 2020. Dylan created these machines and implemented them into shopping malls and schools across Arizona to supply PPE and locally sourced food and drink to shoppers and students.


Capshaw Wildlife

Established in 2017, DCWF is a non-profit business and sanctuary that has rescued hundreds of animals in crisis, along with assisting other wildlife in need across the globe through fundraising efforts. DCWF offers a variety of ways to help, including fundraisers and limited events like Sponsor an Emu, the Australian Fires Fundraiser, local supply runs for animal shelters, VIP sponsoring, and wildlife education. DCWF is rapidly becoming a popular household name, having been featured in multiple stories by local news. To learn more about the organization and its work, please visit the link below.


For The Frontline

Working in partnership with a local shipping company, Dylan established For The Frontline to create 3D-printed reusable filtered masks and face shields to help healthcare workers fight the pandemic, amidst an ongoing PPE equipment shortage. With open-sourced 3D-printing files, For The Frontline fulfills orders for face masks/shields and delivers them via care packages, while also encouraging others to help, using the downloadable 3D-printer PPE files. For The Frontline fosters community involvement and bolsters support for at-risk healthcare personnel across the nation. To contribute to the effort, or to download 3D print files, please visit the link below.

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